Real Estate Seasons

I’m sure you’ve heard it said during summer that it is real estate peak season. I observed that it is,  from 10 years of being in the business. That is just the most logical time to make  a  move, when school is off & before it starts. It is also the most reasonable: weather-wise. I guess I can safely assume that nobody wants to move during a hurricane or snow storm.

What is this season referred to then? I’ve heard Realtors say it’s the slow season, of course the opposite edge of the spectrum. But if you ask me, this season is the most exciting & promising for all parties. Yes it is slow. The business may be just a handful but believe me, this handful is all meat, the best quality! It’s serious home buyers & home sellers season!

I say this season is loaded not as much with quantity but quality. It’s the season of very serious buyers & sellers. Think about it. This is the biggest & longest holiday of the year. Starting from Thanksgiving & Black Friday, I bet you, people’s minds are just reeling with long gifts list, plans for food shopping, traveling & entertaining family & friends. Home-buying or home-selling will be the last on their mind unless a work relocation or some other serious motivation is behind it.

Buyers are not out there just kicking tires & sellers are not willing to be disturbed just for fun! There’s some serious motivation behind this for both parties to squeeze in this activity during this very hectic time of year. It means only one thing: they need to sell or buy . Or maybe some are just smart enough to know this, are willing to get out there even when their plan of buying or selling is not too urgent, to find a good deal from this motivation driven market situation.

And it’s actually a fair playing field for both home buyers & home sellers. You’ll be wise to work with a Realtor given this very neutral playing field to get the most of your home-buying or home-selling multi-tasking with the holiday hustle & bustle. Don’t go it alone. After all, you’re sacrificing precious joyful holiday time with family & friends. Make it worth it!

Good thing for you, this is all I do during my waking hours, I mean, as a profession. Visit my website or Facebook Page, & let me help you  sleigh- ride whatever your real estate goal is this season.



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