A Walk in the Park

A walk in the park is an idiomatic expression that means “something that is very ​easy to do & usually pleasant” – the online Cambridge Dictionary.

No one says you can’t rest

I was walking in the park, literally, this morning, out at one of my favorites close by our house. It’s a pretty big park & about 2 minutes drive. I go there when the weather is really nice & I have more than usual time to spare. Gaining number in your age kind of mellows you, I purposely did a leisurely walk than work out, just breathe in the cool crisp air & intentionally took notice of all the things I passed by: wetland, amphitheater, jogging/walking trails & stops, hills, soccer field. I passed by all these spots once as I walked just one round. I got hungry & needed to head back home. I wish I’d taken some food before I set out so I could’ve walked longer.

And have a drink

It was a really nice day, clear blue skies, after recent showers in November! But I can’t complain. Cool breeze, birds chirping, just perfect to breathe in & admire God’s beautiful creation. I see regulars, people of different color, from all walks of life, young, old, alone, with a company or pet. I see some of them stop for a breath or a drink, and then they moved on.

Choose your path

As I observed, I thought how life may not always be literally a walk in the park, but a lot like it. We’re surrounded by different people, flora & fauna, recreation, activities that keep us busy; with them we experience hills, valleys & level ground. But if we just take time to stop from our seemingly vain busyness, observe & meditate, like a person from outside looking in, I think we’re bound to be more thankful, gain more wisdom & peace. Breathe it all in, knowing that we’ll pass by these things. Just  like a walk, you will pass by the all the people, places, life events in your life, that is unless you stop walking. If we have this mindset, that we’re all just passers-by, it’s easier to trek life. Just keep moving & make it a walk in the park.

Watch in awe of God’s creation
Appreciate even the mundane
Be a child again

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